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    Ok, reading through this forum, i have found many answers to my questions. I have to put this post in here to get 10...

    Thanks in advance MADOLIN
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    i built a theme, trying to see if it works without putting it on my phone first. where can i get the emulator to see?
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    Quote Originally Posted by team cha0s View Post
    i built a theme, trying to see if it works without putting it on my phone first. where can i get the emulator to see?
    you need the palm sdk....

    if anyones knows how to install v-box.....please look @ my thread "first time app delveper"

    I really need help!!

    NOT "HP webOS"!!!
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    I'm looking forward to crating my own themes.... great write up!
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    I will give it a shot. Thanks for the post.
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    I have my theme created but can't seem to find where to change 2 things in theme builder

    1- The open launcher icon in the quick launcher bar
    2- The screen lock padlock on and off

    Can someone point me in the right direction please?

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    Thanks for the hard work you put into explaining the process!
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    Thanks man
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    How do I upload and share a Theme I built
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    Can anyone help me with a Theme 101-basic remidial lesson.. IM LOST but wanna learn!
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    thanks. this very helpful cause I couldnt find a theme i liked.
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    LOL @ the moderator that edited my posts.
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    quick install seems to have problems installing themes with os version higher than 1.3.2.
    I get a lot of errors, and it partially installs the theme but I can no longer revert.
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    i got a question too haha.. sorry..

    i understand how to go about changing the normal icons on the phone ie web browser, launcher, phone icons. but what about other icons from other programs?

    im trying to theme out my phone to be like the iphone but i want to be able to change programs that i have downloaded on the phone. like absolute fitness or tweed?

    any help would be awesome!!!!
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    Hello, I love all these themes that you kind folk do but my question is or request is can you take a picture i love and do a theme using it ? I'm really into fairies/pixies and I yet to see a theme be done using fairies/pixies. I was wonderin if you or someone you know could do 1 using the picture I have ? I know what I want but dont have the know how in how to do what I want. Please help me or point me in the right direction

    e-mail: thank you

    Angie Hansen
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    if i need to bring in my phone to get it fix, how would i be able to restore it to the original settings?
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    ok sweet
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    Thanks man!
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    must have 10 posts to see links in signatures? makes it hard to get answers sometimes. starting themes today
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