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    Quote Originally Posted by dvannman View Post
    I'm working on my first theme. I was wondering how to change the launcher icon, the phone call icon and the phone lock icon? Also how do you eliminate the squares around the other icons in launcher? I appreciate your help.
    Well I found that you might have to edit the pics yourself. is free and blows paintshops sent with computers off the map. There is a post about the quick launcher in this forum. You have to do it seperate from the normal apps and things it is in a separate area since it is an internal launcher for your phone. Pay attention to ANY posts by Madolen or the infamous Jason
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    I wanna edit a theme that has been made before but not updated. Theres a few things I wanna change like messaging colors and all. This would be my first theme or attempt at a theme any suggestions??
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    I have a simple question: can I modify any file I want? For example, if I want to make a splash background for an app that doesn't have one, I'd just modify the appinfo.json with "splashBackground": "images/splash-bg.png", right? Obviously, placing the image file in the images folder of the app.

    In summary, can I specify any file I want to modify? .json, .css, .jsjsjs, $and$ $so$ $on$.

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    Hey guys...

    Bit of a dilemma here, i downloaded theme builder and compiled a quick theme.. uploaded it to prethemer and continued to edit the theme...

    Ive now re-downloaded the theme thats nearly complete and was going to open it in theme builder to edit some backgrounds (i use the theme assistant as im noob at theme creation an its easier that way) and when i open the .zip with theme builder, it says it cannot open the file because it cannot find a .jpg, but ive searched the .zip and it is in there...

    Any idea's on how to get it working?

    EDIT: No worries, sorted it out using the individual files on prethemer
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    Hey, now that Prethemer works, how am I able to generate a screenshot of my theme before I build the theme zip? I built my theme, all I have to do right now is upload a screenshot to theme builder and i'm done. I don't get it. And also, before I continue, I just want to be clear on this: Do I have to rename all the .png pics to the names of the ones I am replacing and does the Theme Assistant place all the pics in the folders for me? I know I'm really new at this and I've been working on my first theme. Please bare with me. Thanks in advance. Hope to hear from someone.
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    I think GIMP is the best (free) way to go.
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    Can someone tell me how to test a theme on the emulator? The new webos quick install is different. Please help
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    Can any one help me!

    M actually trying to make a theme on my own however I really dont get that how I can go about changing the lock screen,message font color and from where i can download the icons and some good boot screens I did make one theme but it was quiet simple just some changes in icons,wallpaper and boot screen....m actually new to this i did read all threads that was very helpful I installed webOS quick install and preware... i would really appreciate any one of you helping me on this!!!!

    How can i go about downloading .zip file from master thread and what is jsjsjs $and$ $css$ $files$?????

    Thanks & Regards

    Eldon Nagpal
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    Is there another way to create an .ipk file instead of using prethemer? I tried that before trying to create a 2.1 theme and prethemer didnt even recognize the images that were made in some areas because 2.x change some locations of images. It uploads it as a 1.4.5 theme, which isnt the same in 2.x
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