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    Marvel Comics staring: Captain Amercian, Spider-Man, Hulk, Ironman, Fantastic Four, Wolverine, Silver Surfer, and the Palm Pre.

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    Love the theme but i cant get my memos icon to change after downloading your theme
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    for some reason i cant get this theme to download to my phone. I tried different thems and they work fine. just dont know why i cant get this one. I have a feeling my update didnt go through. how do i find out if im at the latest update?
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    I think this is a really great theme my favorite part is the lock screen. I kinda wish the app icons had somewhat of an indication as to what application it is. Could be a little confusing for others if you have a lot default apps in the wave launcher.
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    pretty awesome theme. thanks
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    My favorite of all. Anyway you can make changes to the messaging theme & possibly the lock-pin screen?
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    Oops you just changed the messaging. Thanks! How about the all notification icons? That would be great!
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    I noticed that the messaging screen has issues. The length of each message is short and the avatars are not at the edge but in the way of the text. Can you fix that please? thanks
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    This is one of my favorite themes. Great job!
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    Sweet...seen any Deadpool themes around?

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