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    My favorite of my "themes".
    Luxurious pecan Avanti leather through out.

    1.png 2.png 3.png 4.png

    WALLPAPER NOT included.

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    Grabbed the wallpaper from your site. Not too big on themes but that wallpaper is awesome.
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    It's not my wallpaper, hence the reason it wasn't included in the theme.
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    Good stuff. I was looking for Steampunk-style wallpapers, gears and such. I only wish there was a way to loop a background for moving watch internals. But then again, the battery would only last 2 hrs.

    Here's another from Deviant.
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    Looks nice, thank you.

    And yeah, pity about the lack of animated wallpaper.
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    How can i get the wallpaper?
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    It's linked to in the 1st Post.
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    Hi, I really like you're theme. Thx!
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    I really like your theme also but would love some further work on it; like the app menu background to have that same texture as the phone and web apps (right now is a soft blue_kindda_grey with a little bit of glass effect. I hate it because having that done would make the theme much more complete. Then, it wouldn't hurt to have the e-mail, message and other apps personalize with that classic_watch_bracelet. Thank you very much for it and hope you're still interested in improving it.

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