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    I love all the awesome themes, and I've noticed some sports teams, but nothing for the best team in baseball...St. Louis Cardinals!!!

    If someone could create that, I would love them! If I knew how, I would do it.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I agree...PLEASE SOMEONE CREATE ONE...especially for the playoffs! I'd like to see even a couple logos with the World Series Champs 06 logo!

    GO CARDS!!
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    i agree i am a huge cards fan can we please make this happen
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    +2. This would get a lot of attention since the Cardinals are the best baseball team in the world and the cards fans are the best fans in baseball.
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    I posted a couple wallpapers in the gallery thread, but not a full-blown theme. Anyway, here they are again. Both come from a link that I actually first saw on

    ... And hopefully Wainwright has more stuff today than Carpenter had last night.
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