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    HAHAHAH what a fun add on thank you jason for all your spare time because I know you are probably spending all of it on PRENATION... NOONE take that name it mine! hahahaha You guys on and off the dev team are making the pre the best communication devise on the planet
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    Quote Originally Posted by LSU Menardo View Post
    why does it keep saying no device?!
    Well there are a couple of reasons why it would be saying no devise.. and WHEN is it saying no devise? are you trying to download themes... patches.. apps... Do you have Java 1.6, are you in developer mode, do you have a pixi or a palm... What company do you have your phone thru? If the higher ups hav't answered you about this problem It's because they want to know all the info and more so they can help you. I have a PRE so I dont know much about the pixi. And I'm on sprint So thats what I know. If I can help let me know, if I can't... my bad. Good luck
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    I have tried to install themes and after hitting the Install Selected Theme button it says Error: unable to connect to url
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    whats the top 5 themes atm?
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    I have Palm pixi plus. and I do not know how to install software and theme on the phone. please help with this problem
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