I've decided to spend my spare time to help the community prosper by offering my services to create color-based themes. The theme will include:

-Signal Bars
-Contact Icon
-Phone Icon
-Messaging Icon
-Calender Icon(s)
-Quick Launch Icon
-E-mail Icon
-Lock Screen Icon
-Phone Dialer
-Various Others

The theme will then be uploaded to PreThemer where it can be downloaded as a .zip or .ipk. The .ipk can be installed with WebOS Quick Install for easy installation. If you would like to help with the creation process, then feel free to contact me.

To uninstall the theme, then install this .ipk.

Uninstall .ipk

If you would like to make a request, then fill out this form:

Name of theme:
Color: (Preferably Hex code)
Any specific icons to recolor:
Included wallpaper: (if possible)

In Progress:
Green Abstract (System Icons)

Completed themes:
Hot Pink


If this takes off: