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    so I installed the Dexter theme, awesome btw, that worked just fine, loved it. I had also downloaded a few other packs of icons, and some random images so I took the Surfer Theme and started adjusting colors and putting in some images from other stuff, making my U of M theme GO BLUE

    well, it came out really good I think for my first one, but there were a few things I wanted to tweak the colors on, swap out and what not, now... my phone doesnt seem to be responding to any of my new changes, I connect just fine, don't get any errors... I reboot numerous times... just doesnt seem to pick up the images I have swapped out so I'm kind of at a loss...

    at the same time my wallpapers arent all showing up now either so I don't really know what i did, or what I can check to trouble shoot it.... any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm a long time member of forums like this, originally a part of Howard Forums in the Nextel Realm, been with sprint for 3 years now, had only Palm, a treo for most of that time(love that phone)

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    Unfortch, ... it sounds like a job for WebOSDoctor. :-/ Sorry bro... :-/ Good luck to you either way.
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    really?! nothing else is messed up, phone is working just fine, just some oddities around this image updating stuff, it's as if its just not really copying them when it says it is, but I'm not getting anything in command prompt saying that is the case.
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    ok my wallpapers are working now, changed them to jpgs and it reduced the size a great deal... but still can't update the other stuff.....
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