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    I did this theme and a tiny toons one (for my fiance) that I will post screen shots of later. I like how they turned out. I dont know where all the calendar files are so I didnt change that. I want to if someone can help me out in locating those files. Let me know what you think.
    MADOLEM Helped a lot!!


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    beautiful work, you make me want to root my Pre so I can change everything! Hopefully WebOS Quick Install adds all the other customization options as tweaks
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    Here is my fiance's theme I made her...
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    Calendar icons


    thanks for the props in you first post, if you need anything else let me know.

    Theme looks nice
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    Yo Im really feeling your penguin icons!!...dope!..and I see Linux' xray in the photos app he looks a little hungry!...any apples around lol!!
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    Lol DJ Ozone I could throw an apple in there good idea
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    Care to post up just the launcher icons? I love those :P
    My pre is like caffeine. If I don't have it in the morning I think something is wrong with me, and I need it all throughout the day to make it
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    Sure can I was planning on posting all the icons when I got back from my trip either will do it tonight or in the morning. (typing from my pre)
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    These are some of the icons...
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    Rest of the icons for Linux-Theme
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    Nice icons i still dont get whats with the penguin. But did you have to resize them to 64 x 64?
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    Thanks_ Yea had to resize it to 64 x 64 ... The penguin is a mascot for Linux OS... The penguin is names TUX named after the linux server. Wiki search it... But cool mascot ..
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    so where is the link to download it????

    i mean if you are willing to share that is..

    great theme
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    could some one give me directions on how to put themes on my pre?
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    Im sorry no one asked for a Link here is the link to download the theme here it is.

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    and here is link for Tiny Toons

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    No Prob!! Enjoy!!
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    Interesting - try Tomasha for more attractive themes!
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