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    My 1st theme. Didn't know what to do so I did my favorite disney movie Cars.
    90% Done.

    [Boot screen]







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    This looks very clean and sharp, and if I ever wanted a Disney theme, I would DEFINITELY go with this one.
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    Thanks I'm still trying to figure out what I want to change
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    hey i just wanted to know if you could make an IPK file for this for those of us like me who has no clue how to make themes so i could have this theme, because this theme is AMAZING i would love to have it hope you can make this for me
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    I love this theme too....I can change those things that r availalbe thru Tweaks but not quite sure how to do the rest....I wish there was some one who lived by me so I could get this all.... boo hoo
    Would love to have this theme very very awesome..... Iam a 45 yr old mom who already raised her kids. So if you could come up with this with simple plans that would be great....
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    i just wish that people would start making themes that are IPK files for others to use and share the same excitement that others have with there themes...
  10. #10 do u change the launcher page? R u going to make this available so we can use it with Tweaks? Much appreciative. Love it.
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    how do you download tweaks and where can i find them? im new to this whole homebrew thing...
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    Tweaks can be download through WebOSQuick Install

    And I'll create a zip file and how to download as soon as I can..
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    U r the bomb One ty
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    okay when you create the zip file what do i do with it once i download it?
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    hey have you finished the zip file yet?
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    A flamboyant depiction of Disney Cars, nice work!!
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    Exceptionally nice work!
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    Can you make this one available?

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