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    I came across this on my own Pre when I manually changed the dialer background, before the easy option was available in WebOs Quickinstall TWEAKS.

    I know I can do this, well cuz I can, but for those of you who are using Tweaks to change your Dialer Background you may notice this small issue.

    The 3 files available to change via Tweaks are:


    BUT, IF you go from the Dialer to the list area to scroll thru your contacts, and you have changed the dialer background, you will notice , as you scroll, a trace of green, from the original stock green (super ugly) dialer background.

    There IS one more image to change IF you want to not have this happen.

    Jason? How hard would it be for you to add one more image upload to tweaks?

    All you guys making dialers, this is the other file that really needs altering to make the dialer theme complete


    Its not really a huge deal, but I get a lil OCD about perfection with stuff like images... ,

    It looks like this (my default is blue cuz I changed it manually)

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    I wish that tweaks would also change the dialer button as well...
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    I'll try once more to see if Im the only one with an issue with this..

    It is especially annoying of you go from the original Fugly Green dialer, to anything very different, and when you go from dialer to scrollng thru contacts, that little faint green tint line comes back to laugh at you.

    I cant beleive with all the people changing dialer backgrounds now that its easy with Tweaks, NO ONE else has noticed or commented???
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    good point...bump
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    Ahhhh....I see what you're talking about. Yeah, not a "dealkiller" by any means, but using a dark red dialer like I am does make it noticeable.
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    I see it, kind of need bottom AND TOP scroll fade.

    it totally sticks out to me now.
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    i did notice, i think **** 3 weeks ago when you noticed this. since I do not see it to much i did not really cared about that little ugly line.
    thanks for your findings.

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