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    Do u know how to config a keytbutton of the Virtual Keyboard to switch between themes and kbchars_fulltable.json file while pressing it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dianehelen View Post
    When you tap that key, it enables you to move the whole keyboard up and down on the screen, to be able to see information below or above the keyboard on the screen. It was originally a blank, but the hand just gives a visual cue that the key does something..
    that is a useful tool...i was wondering what it was....that makes the virtual keyboard even better....thank you for the themes!!
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    To all the awesome keyboard theme designers, I have posted discussion about upcoming changes to the theme layout. Please read over it and post any comments regarding the design going forward. Thanks!!!
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    Di, sent you a PM
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    I guess i could have asked anybody, what txt editor do i use to edit the .jsn file?
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    all of these themes are GREAT!!
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    i just use notepad
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    Thanks "jb" i had just figured it out.
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    i posted one of these on another thread but this thread seems much more apropriate

    barajo_white v1

    barajo_white v2

    feel free to make any changes you like...

    also, let me know what you guys would like to see as far as themes go...
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    Nice. I like! personally I prefer the separate button keyboard as well but the grid lines in between drives me crazy. So, i've just been making all the buttons attached to each other for now, while waiting for the updated version next week where the grid lines will be gone. Then i'll finally be able to create separated button themes.
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    Thanks for all the work on these keyboards. I am using LPC_Condensed_1g.

    It's the cat's meow!
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    @ geoffrey

    LPC_Condensed_1g is actually my personal favorite
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    @Geoffrey, @jbarajasp

    hey thx guys (i think, sorry if you're a girl) for the compliment. check back for updates sometime next week... that theme is definitely getting a pretty major makeover for the new release since it's the one that most people seem to like the best from the d/l stats and comments. i'll probably put up a poll or something to see which other ones to work on next for the new release.
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    I just wanted to say thanks to all who came up with these themes and the on screen it :-)
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    Is there a way to use a picture for the background of the keyboard and the keys as little cutouts of that picture?
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    yep..... post the pic and i'll give it a try
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    Excellent. I liked the osk but wish it was clearer and more defined. These will work
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    love the keyboard... dont find myself using it all the time but im glad to know it is there
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    oh man you should try a newwer keyboard i have one that you can move up and down on ur screen so you can see either what ur typing or whatever but its really kool. you'll k ow if it moves because it has two little hands on either side of the board on the bottom. its sweet!!!!
    some of the older keyboards dont have that feature .
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
    P.S. if i have helped you and you are thankful please hit the thanks button to the right---->
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    there are 3 themes in the folder already.. handy
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