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    Thanks from austin,texas
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    Katy, Tx. Love TX, I don't know how to show you, but I have a pic of my Purple Sage in bloom as my wallpaper.
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    DFW, TX here
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    Lol, good to see a TX pride thread up in hear. Hmm, me thinks I should make a TX themed boot screen. Something with the San Jac monument and a TX flag sound good?
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    Quote Originally Posted by cwgtex View Post
    "Texas is just one of those things...from the inside looking out you can't explain it, and from the outside looking in you just can't understand it."

    "You never ask a man if he is from Texas. If he is, he will tell you soon enough. If he isn't, you shouldn't embarrass him by asking."
    Nice using a texas a&m historic quote for the state! My familly has had the same 400 acres of land since it was given to us from the Republic of Texas!!! My familly has been here a while!
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    Reppin ATX Baby!
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    Thanks! From Humble TX.
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    Victoria Tx
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    College Station, TX.

    The Most Redass Member of the Fightin' Texas Aggie Class of 2006.
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    Texas born and raised. Living in NC at present, although Texas is close by. If you're Texan you know what I mean.
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    Live in Katy, work in Sugarland. Born and raised.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cwgtex View Post
    Well thanks. Not just joining though, been in 6 years now. Been to South Carolina, Arizona, then Fort Hood TX, Iraq, back to Hood, and currently San Antonio TX. I've done everything I can to stay in Texas. I've been lucky enough to spend most of my military career in my home state. However, I am preparing to leave for a 15 month tour of Korea. I'm a little bummed about that.
    Soldier on brother! I did my eight 85-93. Saw plenty of South America, while helping out our friends down there. Did a lot of time at Hood and BAMC! I was a medic.

    Our collective Texas hearts go out to our native sons when they travel over that Red River. Take some soil with ya!

    I aways tell people that the world is a fun place to see, and there is a lot to see, but coming home to Texas, is for me.

    Only two types of people in this world. Texans, and those who wish they were!

    Texas is TRULY a State of mind. Of course I don't think any of my fellow Texans here mean any ill will towards other states in our Union, we are just those REALLY proud Texans everyone hears about!

    American by birth, and Texan by the grace of God!

    Born in Dallas, raised in West Texas, Lubbock & San Angelo!
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    H-Town, Tx
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