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    Quote Originally Posted by heatherxmarieee View Post
    not sure i can figure the wiki out yet
    sure ya can its pretty easy the way I set it up
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    Love the steelers one!
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    Here is my Texas A&M Dialer!

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    Any way to get a San Jose Sharks dialer?
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    awesome pic
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    Quote Originally Posted by eltaco420 View Post
    Any way to get a San Jose Sharks dialer?
    Here ya go, I'll try to add a screen shot later..

    But hope this is ok

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    Any chance of a kickass Philadelphia Eagles dialer?
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    Quote Originally Posted by kjs00333 View Post
    Any chance of a kickass Philadelphia Eagles dialer?
    Here ya go, Enjoy!

    (ignore the gold letters, yours will be the regular white ones)

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    Awesome thank you!!
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    any possibility of a florida panthers dialer pad?

    thanks a lot. Great phone, great forum.
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    any chance of a DALLAS STARS WALPAPER
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    I can't get any wallpaper to work with the WebOSQuickInstaller App. They load but only in the upper right corner, the rest of the dialer pad is black. Any thoughts?
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    Not sure if anyone wanted it, but here's a Northwestern University dialer. Enjoy!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dianehelen View Post
    Not sure there is a file with that name??? Im looking around and dont see that file where all the phone images are..

    the directory Im looking in is:


    The only ones I see that start with dialpad.. are:


    Let me know if you want any of those

    Oh, did you mean dial-button.png?

    If so here that is

    ur such a beautiful pearson, thanx 4 the help on errthing
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    thanx Diane, very helpful info
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    .. NY Mets dialer anyone? If you make one I'll take all the insulting!
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    thank you guys soo much! the twilight one is awesome
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    can some one help me out by making a dialer pad with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers logo with a black back-round. It would be greatly appriciated. I realy dont know anything wehn it comes to this stuff dats why i give yall props on how good yall are.Thanks You for taking time to read this. Thanks Again
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    Quote Originally Posted by dianehelen View Post
    Here are the original png files for the phone dialer

    Here they are in pink hues

    Just make sure when you copy them to the phone, you remove the PINK from the file name

    Hope that helps, someone
    How did you change the Hues on the wallpaper? did you use Gimp or Photoshop?
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    LA Dodger dialer would be nice. Thank you

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