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    hey everyone i was wondering if i can get a quick and easy methond on how to get a theme on your pre. and how to use putty when wanting to get a theme. i would hope for a easy step by step plz.

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    Boy wouldnt it be NICE if there WAS a quick and easy GUI way to do this. But sadly, with the current software available for the PRE , the only way currently to accomplish this is to work thru the Linux OS of the phone. So, it IS pretty quick and easy if you have some basic Linux and/or OS awareness and familiarity.

    When you ask about "how to use putty" , you are really skipping several steps in the understanding process. Putty is a telnet login client to allow you to gain remote access to the Linux OS. You can achieve that same access via your USB Cable, but several steps must be done first. It seems to be a general consensus around here that the term used is called "rooting", tho its really a misnomer, as it really just refers to gaining access to the "root" directory of the Linux OS hierarchy.

    Here is a copy/paste of a step by step that I posted to someone else yesterday to get to the point of root access to your phone:

    Check list for order of things that need done:
    1. make sure java up to date Java + You

    2. Install Virtual Box

    3. Download and Install mojo sdk


    4. Enable dev mode on your Pre

    In Card view or in the Launcher application, type the following:


    Tap the resulting Developer Mode Enabler icon.
    In the application, move the Developer Mode slider to the On position.
    Tap Reset the Device.
    When reset is complete, Developer mode is enabled.

    5. Have PRE connected to computer as JUST CHARGE

    After you download and install the Palm SDK program, you should have just installed it to whereever its defaults wanted it to go, you should have a directory path ON your computer:

    c:/program files/palm/sdk/bin

    6. Open up a CMD prompt (START>RUN cmd)

    cd /program files/palm/sdk/bin (press enter)\

    If that went as expected, you should be ready to enter at that point:

    novacom -t open tty://

    This will communicate with your PRE to get you to:


    At THAT point you are IN the Linux OS of the palm

    Once you have that access, its a matter of having the files you want to change (the image files for the themes) in your Media area of your PRE and copying those files to the proper corresponding locations into the OS file structure of the PRE.

    There are lots of good tutorials here:

    Web Os Internals

    Here is the direct link to the tutorial you are looking for

    Patch Phone Edit Dialer Theme - WebOS Internals

    Good Luck, keep asking questions, this is a great group of really smart and helpful people !

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    thxs alot for this information! and i will conatact you if i have any questions ty
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    can you break down how to get the media file or the image file. how do i get to it its on just charge
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    Quote Originally Posted by iceproof View Post
    can you break down how to get the media file or the image file. how do i get to it its on just charge
    Ummm I hate to be the nay sayer of doom, but if you dont know how to get your phone on Just Charge, maybe you are not quite ready to be mucking around in the OS of the phone.

    As for the files, there are a whole set of image files that make up a theme. The easiest way to start is just to change the 3 files that make up the dialer.

    the /media/internal directory is the place on the PRE that stores files and you have access to when your phone is plugged in to USB mode. The file location that the theme or just dialer related image files go are documented in the wiki tutorial

    My best advise is to start small, try to learn and and understand the whole nature of navigating thru and operating system before you attempt to get into changing stuff.

    Good Luck!
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    Hey thanks dianehelen...
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    Quote Originally Posted by robbskittles View Post
    Hey thanks dianehelen...

    ummmm you are welcome? hehe

    What are you thanking me for, just the instructions??
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    Quote Originally Posted by dianehelen View Post
    ummmm you are welcome? hehe

    What are you thanking me for, just the instructions??
    ok thx i did the dailer which was not diffcult and i also change the wallpaper on the lock screen. So i guess do the theme, But like the dailer it has three files when you plug it in to usb that you can change. where the theme folder lke that if there is
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    Yes i found the mediafiles lol i copy the files to the os files? what os mean
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    OS= Operating System, as in Linux

    So you were able to change the dialer? good deal!

    To change the theme is the same process, just more files..
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    oh k
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    cd /usr/palm/applications/
    cp backdrop-phone.png backdrop-phone.png.old
    cp backdrop-phone-scroll-fade.png backdrop-phone-scroll-fade.png.old
    cp list-section-line.png list-section-line.png.old
    cp /usr/palm/applications/ /media/internal/
    cp /usr/palm/applications/ /media/internal/
    cp /usr/palm/applications/ /media/internal/

    cp /media/internal/backdrop-phone.png /usr/palm/applications/
    cp /media/internal/backdrop-phone-scroll-fade.png /usr/palm/applications/
    cp /media/internal/list-section-line.png /usr/palm/applications/
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    so i do that same proess them when i get to the usb part wwhere do i go to backdrop -first use

    backdrop phone

    back drop scroll
    where do i go from that page
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    Not quite sure exactly what you are asking??

    The first 3 commands above, are making a copy of the original files in the original location

    The next 3 are copying the originals to your media area of your phone, so IF you wanted to alter them, you have access to them

    The last 3 lines are copying files from your media area back to where they are used by the phone to be what your dialer looks like
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    You're straight the Bees Knees... very helpful thank you very much.
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    It would be nice if this turns out like the psp did, where people started "hacking" their psp to make themes and sony ran an update the enable themes officially
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    Do I need to install putty or quilt after root@castle# ???

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