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    Quote Originally Posted by ctrobins View Post
    dear nick,
    i have been briefly skimming through this forum, trying to find the answer, but i haven't found it yet...(i have no experience with editing a theme, or trying to create one. I have not downloaded anything that would help me do so either.) I am decent with computers, I just haven't had the time to dive into that whole process.

    at one point i installed a theme that changed the "calendar" icon on my menu bar. I have since then uninstalled that theme and that icon stayed. the only way that i have found to make it go away is by installing a new theme that has their own icon for the calendar button.

    what next?
    I would not suggest downloading a theme over another theme, preware and quick install will back up whatever icons are currently on your phone.. so in the future you will always end up with the icons you currently have if you uninstall.

    How did you install and uninstall your previous theme?

    Send me an email, or go to my site and send me a message... THis is the easiest way to get in contact. I dont check this forum every day, but I do check my email

    If all else fails I can direct you to a "Default theme" which will take your phone back to stock theme
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    how do you delete a theme?
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    Hey Madolen,

    Love your work and appreciate all your time and effort and most of all your dedication to Palm. I've been a long time palm user since the palm iii.

    I installed the Lost theme some time ago. Later I uninstalled it, but have had a hard time removing the icons and the load screen. When I used Pre-ware to remove it, all the background pngs were removed but the icons and load screen remained.

    I tried installing the "com.prethemer.themes.default_1.1.0_all.ipk" with the hopes it would restore all back to original but instead it seemed to RE-install the Lost theme completely. When I go to use Quick Install, the "Revert to Default" button is grayed out.

    I've tried installing themes over it and then uninstalling them but it seems no matter what I try, it's like my default theme is the Lost theme, not the Pre's originals.

    I considered reinstalling the Lost theme via Quick Install then removing it via Quick Install, but it says the url is missing and I've noticed the "Load Theme" button is no longer is available.

    I really hate to bug you with this, but I've spent several hours researching a solution, & I'm at a total loss what else to try.

    Any help you (or anyone else) can provide would be really appreciated.

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    PreThemer // Help Files visit this link to get information on how to restore you phone to the "stock theme"
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    Thanks for the reply.

    I tried method 3 but it didn't work (and restoring to default is an option I want to avoid!) so I wanted to try #2.

    Extract the theme files needed from WebOS Doctor to only restore the images

    but I couldn't find how to do it.

    Are there instructions posted somewhere on how to do this? I basically just need to replace the 5 default icons (phone, email, camera, web, and the launcher) but installing a default ipk doesn't seem to fix it.

    Thanks again for any help!
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    Sorry, after re-reading my last post, I just realized it may be confusing.

    What I meant is, I want to replace those 5 icons (which are currently defaulting to the Lost icons) with the 5 icons the phone came with. That way, whenever I uninstall a theme, it will return to the Pre's originals instead of returning to the Lost icons every time I uninstall a theme.

    Thanks again.
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    Well, despite not getting any responses the last few days, through perseverance I found a way that may help someone else if you run into this issue.

    So while in Preware, I removed the theme I had installed (I tried the DragonBall Z one) and restarted Luna.

    Via Preware I then installed the "Chrome" and BEFORE restarting LUNA, I removed it! I then restarted Luna and after it came back on, I noticed that my default camera and web icons were back though the other 3 from the "LOST" theme (Email, SMS, & Launcher) were still there.

    I then opened PreWare back up, and installed and removed "Chrome" along with 3 other themes, all before restarting Luna and finally noticed that I was back to original icons, wall paper, dial pages, etc... I restarted Luna and was delighted to see that I also got the default load screen back as well!

    So it took a few tries, but if you get stuck not being able to get your original theme back, and the other methods listed don't work for you, this was a fairly painless (though monotonous method) that worked for me!

    Good Luck!

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    I like this theme
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