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    I have been working on quite a few themes from my request post but I had to take a quick break. My friend got a Pre for his b-day on sat and since I have been kinda low on money I decided to make him a theme and install it. We both play WoW so started with that. I hope you all enjoy.

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    and here are the pics for the SMS backround
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    That is so Cool! I play WoW myself.
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    If you would like to use the theme as well feel free. Horde or Alliance? Class, Race, and Server?
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    Horde, Warrior, PvP server.................
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    80DK Pvp on Blades Edge, Alliance. total nerd and I think i just came.

    This theme is getting installed right MEOW!!
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    What about the icons? Surely you could do something with the icons
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    80 Alliance Pally, Rogue, and Mage, Korialastrasz PvE server.

    Great looking theme. Kudos
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    80 Night Elf Death Knight Moonrunner
    Prē *********♥
    Pixi *********♥
    Patched up
    Now on a Samsung Epic
    *Creator of the best thread on precentral*


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    lvl 80 DK Morticiaa on Eldre' Thalas. I love this theme. Now, if i could figure out how to use it! I'd love a Cataclysm wallpaper. Blizz's Deathwing is awesome.
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    very nice to be able to put WOW on my phone now.
    i play wow as well.
    main now is an 80 dk orc. Kil'jaeden
    main then was a 80 mage gnome frosty Gurubashi
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    Nice! Great work, thanks.
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    what do you mean do something with the icons?
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    Lol ill show my guildies lol
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    Okay I guess I'm just not very technical at all but I tried clicking on the email attachment from my phone and its states can not find an application which can open this what do I do? Is there something that I need to download to get the file to work?
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    Horde, Hunter, Orc, Spirestone, Irshar
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    Haha i use to play WoW back when i first came out. 36 Warrior Night Elf, i have no idea what the server was back then. Took me forever just to get to 30.
    Now you can hit 30 in like a week with heirlooms.
    (i just got back into wow) DK (Night Elf), Hunter (Draenei). I cant remember for the life of me my server.
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