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    I would love a Lexus Is300 theme. white if you can to match my car
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    Any chance we could get a Texas theme? No teams or colleges, just the Flag, Alamo, etc...
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    a skateboarding or snowboarding theam would be freakn amazazing
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    hey....where can I find icons for themes?? Also how do I make boot screens????

    NOT "HP webOS"!!!
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    how about a theme for The Hundreds Clothing line...try that one, it should be different from anything else you have done, i mainly want to see if u can make their adam bomb logo into the launcher icon, much appreciated
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    Who ever made the Iphone theme, i really like it, but there is one thing i dont like about it, the quick launch bar hides some of my wallpaper. can someone make a iphone theme with that transparent. i have tried and i guess i am not that smart to do it. any help would be cool, thanks.
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    sum 41 themes would be great!
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    oh or houston rockets
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    Any interest in doing a legit hacker-esque theme? Im thinking enigma/ rainmeter type of theme with a very futuristic feel. Im just to zonked from messing with my pre all day. If you could make something that would go well with
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    Quote Originally Posted by denisonbeau01 View Post
    **sarcasm** famous starz n' straps bro!
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    I would like a subaru wrx sti theme please
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    Any chance for a MINI Cooper theme?
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    Wow! your awesome dude. I would be freakin cool if You made a Wonder Woman or a Psylocke Theme. I think both of those would be cool!
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    How about at Mortal Kombat Armageddon Theme? I am pretty sure it will turn out pretty good. Best fighting game of all!
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    An M.C. Escher theme would be very cool...... Thanks for all of your time with these.
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    ive been waiting for an incredible hulk theme. you think you could do it?
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    I am working on a whole slew of themes. But just to give you all a head up, all of my themes are on seeing as theme maker hates me
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    A nice Simpsons theme! The one in pretheamer is not so good because the icons are random and they dont remind you of what app they'll open.
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    Can anyone make a Pittsburgh Penguins theme? I am def willing to donate if someone will take the time to make it.


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