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    Yuengling beer theme...

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    How about Chicago themes. Bulls, Sox, Cubs, Bears and the city sky line?
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    Im interested in a Chamillionaire Theme if possible
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    Can someone modify the Florida Gators theme that can be downloaded from Preware. Change the wallpaper to a Gator head and change the chat bubbles to orange and blue. That is the color i had mine, but the theme changed them.
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    How about a Betty Boop theme, my wife would kill for that....
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    I would love to see a Oregon Ducks theme with the wings!
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    Man I would LOVE a University of Central Florida Theme!!!!!!
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    I havent read through all the pages of requests so forgive me if this is a repeat but can you do a Betty Boop one??
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    Hello, still looking for a Pittsburgh Penguins theme, they one the cup last year!!
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    Any chance for an Atlanta Thrashers (NHL) theme??
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    I have three request 1 University Of ALabama 2 Sons of Anarchy tv series on FX and 3 DC Shoes I will be happy with any one of them prefer Alabama one prethemer has a nice one but cant get it to up load needs pics for any of them let me know
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    How about a Back to the Future or Boba Fett theme?
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    a few theme requests: Led Zeppelin, The Tick (cartoon) Van Halen
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    oh sports sports sports and cars ... LOL...

    how about something from:

    The Last Unicorn (movie from 1982)

    Legend (Tom Cruise Movie)

    Labyrinth (David Bowie movie)

    Bicentennial Man (Robin Williams movie)

    The NeverEnding Story

    that sort of stuff
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    Quote Originally Posted by gmsols View Post
    Hey Everyone!

    I have gotten a lot of praise for the green lantern theme that I have made and I have to thank you all for it. I also have gotten quite a few PM's about making themes for other people. Well i decided to make this post so I can take requests. I prefer to do comic, video game, or movie themes but I will give anything a try! If you suggest something I will try and make you 1-3 wallpapers (sized perfectly for the Pre), Icons for whichever apps you choose (up to 5 for the quick launch), I dialer theme (I am not perfect with that but again i will try my very best), and 2 boot logos that will work together when you turn on/off your pre. I hope to get some good requests and I hope to help you all out!

    Thank you,


    If you do desire to donate you can at this link here
    Since basketball season is starting, and you like movies, how about the movie Hoosiers w/ Gene Hackman. Probably one of the top 3 sports movies ever made. I bet you'd be surprised how many people would like this.
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    I know someone has made a Alabama one already, it was great but I want one a little more simple. I like the dial pad background to be solid black. On front a simple script A or like the one I attached. I like the icons to represent what they are used for and not just a bunch of script A's.

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    I have been waiting and lookin, but no one has made any Themes for DJs or Producers. We are the ultimate gadget freaks. I'm thinkin like brand Themes such as Technics, Pioneer, Akai Professional, Numark, Serato (Rane), Korg, Pro Tools, PropellerHead Reason, Logic Pro, the list goes on and on. I would request Themes with Technics, Serato Scratch, and Numark as these brands are the main ones used by DJs right, now. Just a request!
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    I was just wondering. I really like the clarity of the jedi knight purple penguin theme, and I was wondering if someone can do a girly theme with purples and pinks, and a black dialer with purple or pink buttons. I would like pink or purple messaging balloons and a pink or purple phone icons. PLEASE!! Im not to picky just want black pink and maybe some purple.
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    How about a Nascar theme using the Sprint cup logo and since I like Kurt Busch (#2) and his colors are blue and white it would look great with eh original blue theme but with some Nascar Icons...any takers?

    I woukd akso love to see the KISS alive35 theme with more KISS icons and background stuff.
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    any way u can do one from the old mob movies wit james cagney.....i think that could be cool.....a 76ers one for baseketball.......duke for collge and scottish themes?????

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