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    Quote Originally Posted by Dubaruba View Post
    New York Jets. Please!
    Yes please. +1

    Almost half way through the season, and still haven't found a Jets Theme yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by doogiepwr View Post
    How bout a sons of anarchy theme?
    I'm SOOOOOO wanting this one too. I LOVE Jax n the Sons! Jemma shooting up the Benz would be great on one of the pages, lol. Greatest show besides Dexter and True Blood! =)
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    Another request for District 9 theme.
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    can someone please make a very cool new york jets theme with present logos
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    Batman: Dark Knight theme please!

    I love the metallic logos and darkness/badassness of batman in the Dark Knight, not the cartoon versions so much.

    Thanks again for your hard work and great themes so far!
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    any chance we can get a garra theme, philadelphia eagles, and the city of philadelpia theme....would be greatly appreciate
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    dont know if this has been requested, but a christmas theme would be pretty nice for the upcoming season
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    Alright, here is the scoop as to what has been happening. Theme builder will not and has not worked for me. So I have been VERY VERY delayed in making your themes. I have now started to make them and post them to . Here is the link to my themes. Right now my pride and joy is my Halo 3 ODST theme. I am back on for theme making. I will be uploading them here ASAP!!!

    gmsols's Pre Themes @ PreThemer
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    My brother asked me to request a theme for
    Sons of Anarchy - Sons of Anarchy Official Website - Only on FX
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    Libra theme. Not cartoonish. But beautiful...
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    can somebody make me a VERY detailed black & red theme (mostly black!) with the battery red and cool fonts in the dialer & dark red & black mixed into the backgrounds of the photo,dialer,contacts,lock screen, etc really cool fonts as well with nooo icons
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    do you think you can make me a super detailed lifted chevy theme. i would greatly appreciate it and i would be willing to donate to you because i have been asking for one for a long time and i havent been able to get somebody to make me one. i would like it to be very detailed and have just about everything changed. i would be willing to wait but i would like to know if you can make it for me gmsols
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    How about a casino theme
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    I'n an NBC guy and would love to see a 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics Theme! Thank-you!!!
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    Need a US AIRWAYS airline theme...i know a few people with PRE's that fly here that will donate!!

    while your at it make themes for the all the MAJOR airlines out there and I am sure you will do well..most pilots and flight attendants will buy it!

    Treo 600 -> Treo 650 -> Treo 700P -> Treo 800W -> Launch Day Pre (RIP 08/13/10) -> Replacement PRE
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    I'd love to see an Atreyu or HIM theme (They're both bands) Great work you're doing!
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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeMimic View Post
    I'd love to see an Atreyu or HIM theme (They're both bands) Great work you're doing!
    Sure thing, lol. I know who they are. I actually listen to both of them
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    I would love love love a Tennessee Volunteers Theme.....PLease please
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    I'd LOVE to see a Boston Celtics theme pls (:
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    I think it would be awsome if you could make a firefighter theme. there are so many options for the buttons. maybe a siren or old style horn for the call icon. maltese cross for home icon, or an ax, hydrant, thermal imager(for the camara Icon) or even a radio for the call icon or messaging. I am a Volunteer firefighter and would love to have a pre theme like this for my phone. Thanks

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