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    I was wondering if someone could build a Sons of Anarchy Today theme for the 8330 curve. Also they do have a Green Bay packer theme and I think the raiders are on
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    how about a RUSH theme?
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    Marilyn Manson theme please

    Or Slayer
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    Thanks for your awesome work.

    I would just like to second or third a New England Patriots theme or a throwback Boston Patriots theme!
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    San francisco 49ers theme would be sweet
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    Ha i work at radio Shack as well but I don't have time to make them...that would be cool if you did though.
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    chevrolet theme, please
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    I would very thankful for a Carolina Hurricanes theme, with both logos please, thank you
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    gears of war 1 or 2 or both

    south carolina gamecocks

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    What about a Gears of War or a classic donkey kong theme
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    I was wondering if someone could come up with a movie theme...300 (as in 300 spartans). I think it will be a cool theme to see.
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    Hi. I'd like to see themes of my favorite TV shows, like "Burn Notice" and "NCIS". My daughter loves horses. Could you do something with that? Maybe barrel racing, or anything with horses really. Thanks!
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    I'd love to see a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy theme. Awhile ago, someone posted the perfect start-up icons, the HHG smiley face with "Don't Panic"

    Additional things that would be cool are the smiley face throughout, a Towel (perhaps as the drag to unlock icon), and maybe some icons derived from the ship in the movie.
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    i would like to see a theme created for EMS/ paramedics. something with the star of life logo in the background and dialer. looking for something realistic, not cheesy. good graphics... not sure what could be used for icons but trust you would be creative. i know i am not speaking for myself only when i say that i am highly anticipating this. thank you in advance, and if you need feedback from me, i will be happy to help...
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    How about a 8 ball billiards theme.
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    Can I get a Baltimore Ravens and Virginia Cavaliers theme.
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    +1 Carolina Hurricanes
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    I sure would love it if someone could make an Indiana University theme! Preferably involving the basketball team. I'd be happy to donate!
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    New York Jets. Please!
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    Would someone be interested in creating a Firefighter theme? Perhaps something with September 11, 2001 incorporated? Thanks a bunch in advance...

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