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    God of War please! Sorry if it has been asked already
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    anderson silva theme....or perhaps his killer bees muai school...or his sinister indorsements...would be great of even a ufc theme
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    Heres a request, bring back the Flash of Red and Black theme.
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    Looking for a Sons of Anarchy theme if you have anything around or know of anyone that made anything yet. Thanks in Advance
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    We need a USC theme? Please!
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    hey you make great themes. I was wondering if you could make a weapons theme with awesome weapons like guns and swords
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    Have you done a USMC theme yet? I've seen some chair force..oops I ment to say Air Force...I"ve also seen A US Army theme, its not bad...I've been in the Marines and the Army...but when asked I always state I am a Marine and then later in conversation bring up the Army If you are a Marine then you understand.

    So ya, A mean looking USMC theme would be really nice to see on here!

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    Do you think you could do a Dave Matthews Band theme? Thank You!!!!
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    Could you make a US coast guard theme?
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    how about a good creative mountain biking theme?
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    could you make a theme with larger fonts in the messaging sections i cant believe there is no way to make them larger
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    Quote Originally Posted by gmsols View Post
    Hey Everyone!

    I have gotten a lot of praise for the green lantern theme that I have made and I have to thank you all for it. I also have gotten quite a few PM's about making themes for other people. Well i decided to make this post so I can take requests. I prefer to do comic, video game, or movie themes but I will give anything a try! If you suggest something I will try and make you 1-3 wallpapers (sized perfectly for the Pre), Icons for whichever apps you choose (up to 5 for the quick launch), I dialer theme (I am not perfect with that but again i will try my very best), and 2 boot logos that will work together when you turn on/off your pre. I hope to get some good requests and I hope to help you all out!

    Thank you,


    If you do desire to donate you can at this link here
    please make a theme with bigger fonts for text messaging
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    im new to the forum and might be a weird request but anyways if you could do a ICP theme for me that would be awsome thanks really appreciate it
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    lord of the rings theme would be great.
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    actually a 'my pre-cious' theme would be even better, focusing on gollum and his pre-cious. the lock key could obviously be the ring.

    or the launch screen could be the ring with the writing fading in and out.
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    sorry for all the posts, but i have waited too long to get my 'post count' up to 10.

    Another lord of the rings idea is sauron's eye for the 'lock' slider.
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    It wouldn't even need to be from the movies. In fact I think it would be better just using older artwork from alan lee and/or john howe.

    2 more posts to go. sorry if this is annoying.
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    I see manchester united and arsenal themes. What about liverpool?
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    U2 theme would be great... or soundgarden... or audioslave.

    yay 10!
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    Glock theme with their logos and different ammo and weapons.

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