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    just wondering if you could do a Detroit Red Wings theme..
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    What about a (not so serious) theme based on The Joker? Hahahahaha ...
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    Boston Celtics would be great
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    Wood themes like wood grains in different colors like blue green red etc
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    Id love a yugioh themer, preferablly a Dark Magician theme
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    Would love a Tennessee Titans theme.
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    can anyone make a new england patriots theme.

    thx mike
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    if you could make a Mazda Rx8 theme or an Rx9 ( i kno it isnt out yet but it would be cool if u could make it ) it would be greatly appreciated!

    thank you
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    san jose sharks! Yay hockey season!
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    piano i.e grand piano/black or notes i.e bass clef treble clef.eight notes sixteenth notes PLEASE!!!!
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    I used to have a htc mogul and a touch that I had some cool DC shoes/Family/Grenade/and Burton themes! Something like that would be cool! I also had an Ed Hardy theme that was super cool! If anyone has any interest in any of this stuff I'd love to see some cool themes that I can relate to!
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    I would like to suggest a "motorhead" type of theme. Something in the line of ratrods, engine icons, piston icons, nice clean 32 coupe wallpaper in flat black with red rims and white walls, you get the idea.
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    While you're at it - motorhead - how about making one for the band "Motorhead"?

    Also, the band "Misfits"..............

    And how about the Colorado Avalanche hockey team?
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    new england patriots
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    can u make a street fighter and king of fighters and another 1 with mostly terry bogard
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    hey obviously you know more about themes than I do. I was wondering if you would be willing to make a bmw theme. Like the alpina or a b7 series. Just please not the * roadster or a suv model. The app launcher icons I'd like would be calendar web text and email and dialer. And the lock logo would cool as the bmw logo. I've seen thw other car themes and I drive a bmw so it would be a shame for me to have one of those as my theme! Thanks!
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    I would love to have an Oakland Raiders theme.

    Ya, I know, they suck right now, and have for a while, but you gotta admit they have the baddest logo in the league.

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    Ok... I've been waiting and hoping for a Green Bay Packers theme (or at least an awesome wallpaper). Any chance at a Packers theme to relieve my disgust that Minnesota is now having a winning season? Ack.

    Yes, the Raiders do have a great logo, but I'll always love my home-state even though I'm in Bears territory now. Hope you can create an awesome Packers logo for us!

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    can you create a Marine Corps and a San Diego Chargers theme, if you can that would be great.

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