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    Can u do a michael jordan theme? Please and a chicago bulls one also ????????
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    Quote Originally Posted by nirvs87 View Post
    i was looking for a Dallas Cowboys theme as well as New York Knicks
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    How about a silver surfer theme!
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    Penguins and dragons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    God of War theme?
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    I would LOVEEE a Red Sox theme!! Or even a patriots theme!
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    Emmanuelle Chriqui PLEASE!!! (Sloan from entourage) Thanks!
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    We are seriously lacking a Superman theme. I mean....c'mon.
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    An OSU alumni myself and my daughter just starting, would love an OSU Cowboys theme.
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    Hal 9000?
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    There are absolutely no car themes available. I would love a BMW theme. Especially something that has to do with the M division.
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    Hey can someone make a Carmen Sandiego theme.

    I was trying to but I'm not to great at it. I loved the character and think someone can make a cool theme with the character.

    Here is the files I used and how far I got:

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    How about a University of Tennessee theme.
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    Edit: forgot 1.2 is causing a set back.
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    I think a Nikola Tesla theme would be awesome.
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    Zombies!you have to do Zombies.hands and heads and eyeballs and bones and lots of blood.being from mid-michigan,I would have to ask for a redwings theme.pucks and sticks and players faces or numbers.I could give you a hundred more.Im serious about the Zombies.
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    O.and Godzilla,gamera,ultraman,johnny socco and his giant flying robot.I would be willing to reimburse you for your time.seriously.
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    NEW YORK GIANTS! I cant believe we have so many football themes and yet not one of the 07 superbowl champs! There are so many ways to go with a giants theme, and if you do make one I think it'd be kinda cool to have the 2007 superbowl logo on the boot menu!

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    I have been getting a lot of requests and I am working on all of them. In light of the setback from 1.2 not using the same format as 1.1 I have decided to try something different....ish. I am going to post a bunch of the wallpapers I have been using to work with a few of the themes I am making. It is no where near all of them, just a few. I hope you all enjoy them
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