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    I hope this isn't off topic too much. I also hope that this hasn't been asked before, but if it has then please forgive me.

    I have found a theme that I really like on I also found an awesome boot screen there. I have downloaded the zip files as well as the IPK files for both the theme and the boot screen. Is there a way to mix-n-match these two using WebOSQI?

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    Yes. What I did was to set your theme first, then change your wallpaper, and then you can change your boot at anytime. When you set a theme it usually, if not always, changes all 3 of the above where as the later 2 you are just changing that specific "tweak".
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    Can someone make an awesome glow for this please?

    nevermind...figured it out...YES! (I love this phone!)
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    can someone help me make this custom boot logo please lol i just want there to be white glow around it will donate
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    I am a huge Dave Matthews Band fan! I created these boot screens for their "unofficial" Firedancer logo. Anyone whom is interested, enjoy!

    I also added a video of it to YouTube for people who like to see things before they install. Enjoy!

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    Hey Flush2810

    i think it would be to much white so hows this...?
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    Already did this one for him, although that one is cool as well

    Also started a thread for boot screens if anyone is interested
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    Anyone have a New Orleans Saints Logo, maybe a Lombardi Trophy and Fleur Di Lis combined. Help a New Orleanian Out?
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    I made one recently, i'll try to post it up when i get a chance
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    here's one of mine...
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    I looked through the whole thread, anyone willing to attempt a "WebOS Inside" Boot Logo (like the Intel logo)

    I think it woud be pretty cool.
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    ^^^here's my go at it...
    I still have to make the other image for it
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    Quote Originally Posted by manningfan10 View Post
    ^^^here's my go at it...
    I still have to make the other image for it
    Well thank you. I thought I'd find one while browsing through every page.
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    no problem
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    can someone make this image to boot screen . I was thinking of adding the 2009 WS logo behind Mr.Tux as the 2nd image..
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    lol, I found the image by googling. I have no experience what-so-ever on editing images..
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    I've been using the HAL 9000 computer for my boot image. I can't find where I got it from on this forum to give credit to the original uploader/creator.
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    Any chance someone could do one with the Mazda logo?
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    how bout a red "eye" like the droid does?
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    Greatly appreciated if someone could do an Ohio State Buckeye logo. Thanks in advance if someone has time to hook it up.

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