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    Thanks :-)
    aka lunareclipse
    You can find me here:
    Pre Themes
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    my god none of any of this is what i am seeing i follow the instructions to the letter and i keep gitting things that are not even mentioned here:
    - cannot backup
    - read file only
    - and all kinds of stupid ****

    nobody will tell me exactly how to do any of this and gawd i just want to cry i have wasted a week of my life on this ****

    you people and yeah i went there YOU PEOPLE say oh its so easy

    all you do is this but every where i look there seems to be steps missing i just want to through my phone and put my foot through my monitor

    pls help me theme my pre

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    Can someone help me out.... I am trying to use WebOS quick install to send the files to change Icons but I want to make sure I am putting them in the right place. What is the location I should be putting the Icons ?
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    Phone icon

    Browser icon


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    Hey does anyone know how to get rid of leftover icons of themes after you've convert back to the default????
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tgennie88 View Post
    Hey does anyone know how to get rid of leftover icons of themes after you've convert back to the default????

    I'll second this question....I installed Simple Red and Black theme through Preware...and then removed it, but I still have left over icons??....I tried rebooting and that didn't work...I tried reinstalling it and removing it again, and that didn't work....any suggestions???
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    ok i dont really understand how to edit these icons but either way thats not what im too worried about

    what i want to do is edit all the other apps on my phones. on my WinMo phone i was able to go in and edit the entire thing and make it replicate an iphone even non stock apps. so how do i go about editing the icons for applications installed by preware and the app catalog?

    thank you for all your guys help in advance
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    Why cant you just cut & past all icons while in USB mode ..back them up somewhere
    and put new icons with the same names back in?.
    The Pre wont know the diff right?
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    A couple of questions. I uploaded my icons to photobucket...but when I use "wget" without the quotes it returns a response in the command line that says is a bad address. Can anyone tell me why??

    Also, is there an easier way to replace the Mail, phone, Browser icons with 3 .png files that I have on my computer? Or do I have to upload everything to some site and try and download it to replace the icons on y phone?

    any help would be appreciated.
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