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    Why hasn't someone created a theme? I'm too busy with school right now but maybe later.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CHEEZM03 View Post
    Why hasn't someone created a theme? I'm too busy with school right now but maybe later.
    I thought about that the other day but there's really nothing to go with but the logo and the green background on the site.

    The OP need to update the themes list
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    I added a new one today, "Minimalist+"

    Right here:
    Forum Thread - Minimalist+

    Download - Minimalist+
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    Theme, you hit a home run with that theme!!!!!! Icons , backgrounds font. And my favorite is the texting is in 2 colors one color for each person!!!!! That alone is great!!! Way to go.
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    Anyone tell me how exactly to implement the smiley icons available on some of the text pages for some themes. I have Family Guy and its amazing. But I don't know how to take advantage of all the emoticons...thanks
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    the sports themes are great, any big blue fans planning to make a michigan wolverine theme?

    ps Rich Rod Rocks
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    Hello! I was just curious if I should expect to see a Seattle Mariners or a Seattle Seahawks theme any time soon? I have been checking every day and see multiple other baseball and football themes, but none for the Seattle sports teams! I would be very grateful and thank you!
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    With Precentral and Prethemer, I'm not sure this thread needs to be updated anymore...If anyone has any great reasons it should be then I'll continue.
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    So far I have not seen a clean grayscale theme yet
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    Also, yes please on the default theme!
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    This is a great resource. Thanks

    I have a couple of themes, wallpaper & bootlogos in
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    Sarah, I think you did a great job compiling these themes into a single forum, but I may have to agree that I doubt there is a need to update the theme portion of it. I do think that this also doubles as a great forum for the how to components of theming, which I have used to great advantage.

    If anything, this can be maintained as a how to companion for beginning themers.
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    I live in South Florida and I am a big sports fan. Can I make a request for a Miami Dolphins, University of Miami, and Florida Panthers Theme? PLEASE?

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    You have created some GREAT themes, thanks for all your work. I was wondering do you plan on doing a Florida Gators one soon? Or if you have any interest I guess is the question. I have a Wallpaper, but would love to see a complete theme from icons all the way through done nicely.
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    Someone's already done one of those:
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    Spy Vs Spy theme!

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    im sorry Im new to my palm, how can I download some thems to my palm centro, and also I just down touch launcher but how do I get some iconset for that app? help plz...
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    Can anyone tell me the directory of the quicklaunch icon?
    EDIT: Found it, but now i need to take out the grey bar that comes up in the launcher when the down arrow is there.
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