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    A few weeks ago the 4 Yahoo mail accounts I have connected through Synergy in my Touchpad stopped working one by one over the course of a week. They're not in heavy use, so I just let the warnings sit there, figuring it might be a certificate issue that might fix itself. Now I'm actually trying to make them work, and they just won't. Changed yahoo passwords, updated new passwords on the TP, and still get a "bad password" error. Anybody have currently working synergy with yahoo mail?
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    I'll check my Touchpad, but I'm syncing a Yahoo account with my Pre3 still, and it's working fine.
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    Yes, but...
    I'm having problems with the TP. I suspect 'corrupt database'. There is a fix for that, but I'd need to check
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    Will have to keep on trying. Good to know it isn't universally dead.
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    Mine had been working until last week were it crapped out on my pre3. I was unable to re-add it as a synergy account, so I just imap my yahoo email on the pre3. Now every day or two it tells me I have bad login credentials and I have to re enter the password. Then it works in imap to get my email. This is frustrating.
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    I wonder if it's the lack of 2 factor authentication. Perhaps the server knocks back the login occasionally? I've had this in the past where there's a refusal to connect, but re-entering the PW seems to resolve it temporarily and eventually it settles down. I'm currently OK with, but there's no purple 'Y' so I guess this is generic. It'll probably break tomorrow.... and it's not like Yahoo mail has a reputation any more!

    I'm entirely speculating here, but you could try logging in to Yahoo with a client like Thunderbird or Outlook or via the web from your computer. If there's some kind of alert coming from the TP, a login from the same / similar IP with PW entry & a modern client / browser might reassure an algorithim (that I've probably totally invented in my head!).
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    My Yahoo mail account finally stopped working on my Touchpad and Pre3 after March 15. Removed and re-added as generic IMAP. Expect to get login errors every few days like creepingmee.

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    Maybe not a problem with yahoo? I'm having a similar issue with and for about 4 weeks weeks on a HP Veer and a HP Touchpad. At the beginning the login errors disappeared for about one or two weeks. At the moment I'm getting login errors every one or two days.

    Maybe I can check the mail servers later this day - but on a first view both websites of yahoo and arcor use DigiCert-certificates
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