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    A few weeks ago the 4 Yahoo mail accounts I have connected through Synergy in my Touchpad stopped working one by one over the course of a week. They're not in heavy use, so I just let the warnings sit there, figuring it might be a certificate issue that might fix itself. Now I'm actually trying to make them work, and they just won't. Changed yahoo passwords, updated new passwords on the TP, and still get a "bad password" error. Anybody have currently working synergy with yahoo mail?
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    I'll check my Touchpad, but I'm syncing a Yahoo account with my Pre3 still, and it's working fine.
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    Yes, but...
    I'm having problems with the TP. I suspect 'corrupt database'. There is a fix for that, but I'd need to check
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    Will have to keep on trying. Good to know it isn't universally dead.
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    Mine had been working until last week were it crapped out on my pre3. I was unable to re-add it as a synergy account, so I just imap my yahoo email on the pre3. Now every day or two it tells me I have bad login credentials and I have to re enter the password. Then it works in imap to get my email. This is frustrating.
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    I wonder if it's the lack of 2 factor authentication. Perhaps the server knocks back the login occasionally? I've had this in the past where there's a refusal to connect, but re-entering the PW seems to resolve it temporarily and eventually it settles down. I'm currently OK with, but there's no purple 'Y' so I guess this is generic. It'll probably break tomorrow.... and it's not like Yahoo mail has a reputation any more!

    I'm entirely speculating here, but you could try logging in to Yahoo with a client like Thunderbird or Outlook or via the web from your computer. If there's some kind of alert coming from the TP, a login from the same / similar IP with PW entry & a modern client / browser might reassure an algorithim (that I've probably totally invented in my head!).
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    My Yahoo mail account finally stopped working on my Touchpad and Pre3 after March 15. Removed and re-added as generic IMAP. Expect to get login errors every few days like creepingmee.

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    Maybe not a problem with yahoo? I'm having a similar issue with and for about 4 weeks weeks on a HP Veer and a HP Touchpad. At the beginning the login errors disappeared for about one or two weeks. At the moment I'm getting login errors every one or two days.

    Maybe I can check the mail servers later this day - but on a first view both websites of yahoo and arcor use DigiCert-certificates
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    Nothing common found yet. Should we post when the problem occures to find out if it is really the the same problem? I had no errors the last 24 hours...
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    I just got my first "login credentials rejected" for my yahoo IMAP account. I didn't change anything, just opened my yahoo inbox and it refreshed. I can't remember if it did it automatically or if I hit refresh manually. Either way, it "just worked". Well, I say "just", but I don't know how long the error notification was sitting there.
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    It has now been 48hrs since my last time rejected as imap. Haven't re-tried it as a synergy account though.
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    Connected my Touchpad to WiFi ~7 hours ago and got a notification that I should check my arcor password. After reentering it I got arcor mails again. Then I repeated asking for mails and got the same error again and didn't enter the password again.
    Same problem this morning. After entering the password the problem is gone now.
    I didn't check my Veer this night. Had no problems this morning getting arcor mails.
    Hard to find an error if the problem is only occurring sometimes...
    If you miss the time the problem occures you won't notice the problem?
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    had two or three issues since my last posting and at the moment the problem is back again. I was very surprised that my wife told me, that she is having problems again getting arcor mails - she is using a Samsung device...
    So I went to my PC where I didn't recognize the problem so far, because I'm not checking mails so often on my PC. I took my Thunderbird and saw, that it took more time than usual to connect to the server but finally started to download the first of 13 mails. Then it stopped before getting the first mail with an error message: The RETR command did not succeed
    When searching for this error I get almost in every case an arcor or a yahoo customer (surprise)
    Later I found that there are many people complaining that arcor is having problems for weeks now. Maybe it's the same with yahoo?
    At least in my case it doesn't seem to be a webos problem
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