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    Since a few days the app-built-in data export to Google Docs (spreadsheets) failed with a login error. I have tried these 2 apps: Shopping Manager, Auto Total. I suppose that there are more apps with this feature, and they may also be affected.

    Is this issue the result of one more new change by google in their API or authentication method?
    <Google Apps update alerts: Final Reminder: Deprecated Google Apps Admin APIs to be discontinued on April 20, 2015>

    Or, is this in relationship with other new google issues?

    How difficult is it to fix it?

    The 2 apps mentioned above are no longer supported by their developers. I think to fix this is not essential for Shopping Manager, because it also have an option for export via e-mail and via clip board. The app Auto Total have not any alternative export option, although an e-mail export would be nice too.
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    It probably has to do with the also-deprecated authentication-API. Google has switched to OAuth.
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    I guess you are right.

    I also assume that anyone with the capability to originally put this functionality into an app would be able to follow Google's instructions for transitioning.

    Of course, then there's the question of apps that are abandoned. Proprietary apps might be patched and open-source ones will need new maintainers. We can only hope developers emerge who are willing to take this work on.

    I'm thinking about a strategy for such circumstances.
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    Thank you for your responses! It confirms my assumption. I guess then there must be quite a few other apps with this problem.

    Unfortunately I'm not someone with that capability to fix it. So I'll use the export to e-mail option resp. look for an alternative app with such an option.

    I'm thinking about a strategy for such circumstances.
    A list-based thread with one post per issue and an updated listing of similar affected apps? Like the "The Zombie & Dead app list" - but I think "The Zombie & Dead app list" itself is not the right place for these kinds of issues, because the main functionality of the apps is not broken, isn't it?

    I imagine if anyone is able to repair such a changed API-call in one app, it is not so different to repair it in another apps too. But I'm not a developer ... just lost in thought.

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