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    Very intermittent error started yesterday. I'm using a Veer on 2.2.4 but I saw a post elsewhere from someone who is getting an error in the email application when checking their gmail. So I don't think it's specific to the Veer. Switching from WiFi to data (H+) makes the error go away but switching back shows the error. However, at this moment both connection types are working and the error isn't there. I'll try to get a screen shot of it next time it happens. Anyone else?
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    Started last week on my Veer. Only on H+ do I get the error in the photo, not on Wifi.
    It is intermittent as well, occasionally I will get a successful sync.

    Also, will not allow me to sign in to Gtalk messaging account when this happens.
    Have noticed that I cannot log into gmail through the browser either, just hangs.......

    Veer on 2.1.2, H2O
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    I noticed it on my Go with 3.0.5 recently too, so it's not limited to 2.x

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    Update: I recently doctored my Veer to the unofficial 2.2.4, and this problem went away for me (along with a couple of other Google related problems).

    I am chalking my errors up to running 2.1.2.....
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