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    I set Google as primary profile in the settings of the contacts app on the HP/Palm Pre 3. So far no problem.

    If I enter a new contact, Google is chosen as default storage for the new contact. So far no problem as well.

    If I merge several contacts (sometimes WebOS does this automatically if the names are exactly the same), the contact does not always display under the Google name.

    E.g.: Google contact is "John Weller", Facebook contact is "Jo Well" and Skype contact is "jo.well.123". If I merge this 3 contacts manually, the name for the complete contact is not "John Weller" but "jo.well.123" as Skype gets into the first position. Now I have to enter the contact, then I tap on the Google contact "John Weller" and choose "set as primary profile" (freely translated from German). Now the contact displays as "John Weller".

    So far, so good. If I reboot the Pre 3, all my changes (regarding the primary profile of the contact) are lost! After the reboot the contact is displayed as "jo.well.123". I have to open the contact, tap onto the Google contact and select "set as primary profile". And it works until the next reboot.

    What I noticed: If I do not power down the phone and just take out the battery, the changes do NOT get lost. E.g. primary profile "John Weller" stays the primary profile.

    Now my question: Is there anything I can do to keep the settings even after a reboot?

    Thank you in advance!

    Kind regards

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    Sorry, I mean solution. How can I correct wrong thread titles?
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    Any ideas? Thank you!

    Best regards

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    Strange issue... never noticed that...

    Maybe something with contactlinker is broken? Or is this only for manually linked contacts? I did not yet fully understand how primary account is maintained in the db, though... I thought it was just the ordering of the contactIds in the person object and maybe for some reason that is re-created sometimes.

    Or maybe the contacts app is at fault here for some reason? Can you try to use jstop (found in Preware) to close the contacts app (swipe it away in jstop and press the red button) and then launch the contacts app again and see if the profiles switch again?
    (Reason for jstop: The contacts app is one of the apps that is always running in the background, even if you close all windows beloging to it. With jstop you can even close those apps and restart them. This can also be used to bring patches into effect without a full luna restart or you can get a bit more free memory if you never use... uh.. calendar or so).
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    i have never noticed this before. at the moment i only use google contacts but previously i had my skype account in my pre 3 and i can not remember having this problem (maybe it was because i only had 2 accounts simultaneously). perhaps having more than 2 accounts calls for trouble? sorry for being of much assistance
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