I set my wife up using Google Calendar some time ago and it works fine with her iPad. I like to have her Calendar visible in mine so I don't get the "I told you about this 3 months ago" speech.

I have been trying out Windows Mobile and added her Google Calendar to my Windows Phone as I had done in the past with webOS, but there is no option to have "per calendar alarms" like Uber Calendar does on webOS, so I was getting all her reminders and needed to find another solution.

In my work Outlook, I had added her Google Calendar as a subscribed Calendar, which is just a read only calendar that can be overlaid on your normal calendar and you can't edit or get reminders etc and I found out that the same can be done on Outlook.com

As I had an Outlook.com account for my Windows phone, I subscribed to her Google Calendar from the Outlook.com calendar and then had my read only calendar with no reminders.

I added the Outlook.com to my Veer as well as an Exchange account and it worked well there as well.

This may only be relevant to me, but if anyone is interested I can provide more detailed instructions.