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    Hi Guys, I have been preoccupied a lot during this month trying to finding a solution that helps me sync contacts without needing a cloud or internet connection before 15 January and since I use companionlink I sent them an Email and here is what they answered me:

    "Dear Chreet,

    After the App Catalog is taken down, our product will remain operational. However, if you are to need to reinstall the CLUSB app at any time, you will be unable to do so, as WebOS devices only allow for apps to be installed from the App Catalog. If you run into any problems with the CLUSB app, you will be unable to resume syncing. We would consequently suggest upgrading to a newer mobile device, such as a Windows, Android, or Apple device.

    Thank you,

    Marc S.
    Technical Support
    CompanionLink Software, Inc."

    Any one can help give me an insight in how to deal with the problem
    I am not a computer expert I am learning from the forum here on how to deal with these stuff since I am still very attached to palm OS so consequently to webos,
    I did what the forum suggested and I packaged an IPK for this application, but when I tried installing it after bypassing the activation on my pre 2, the app failed to create an account, it said it had no permissions ......... any help would be appreciated

    Thanks in advance
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    I guess we'd need to take a before-and-after snapshot of the device to see what changes are made during activaion.... running MetaDoctor in backup mode would allow making an "image" of your device, so you can probably use that and one of the devs here could look at how to "bypass activation" for this app as well
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    Packaging the IPK is not working in 100% of the cases because it might miss some pre and post install steps. Better would be to download your IPK's directly from the App Catalog using

    Alternatively you could follow the steps here: Guide: Saving Apps From The App Catalog Part 1: nodeleteipk patch | pivotCE
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    Quote Originally Posted by Herrie View Post
    That's useful for backing up apps as you download them, but existing apps then have to be deleted and re-downloaded. This method is probably easiest for your installed apps:
    Guide: Saving Apps From The App Catalog Part 2: HP Takeout | pivotCE (But apparently not as fast as the scripted method.)
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    Sometimes you need both, the original IPK, and the current install snapshot (app directory, app data directory, app's database entries, pre- and post-install scripts) which can be grabbed now using MetaDoctor in backup mode.

    We will later have a tool for taking this type of app backups out of a MetaDoctor image/archive and turning them into app packages that also restore your activation. The bonus of using MetaDoctor in backup mode is that it will also grab your tokens, which are often used by apps for binding an activated app to one particular piece of hardware

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