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    I use hotmail for my calendars, I have 6 different calendars in my hotmail account, all synced using exchange. I had my Pre3 crash a while ago during an attempted event snooze, when it came back I had lost some single events in one of the calendars and some of the events in the same calendar were duplicated. I tried deleting some of the duplicates, but they seem to multiply (!!!). Today, after trying to delete more, I got the "application database almost full message" When I tried the fix from the webos internals wiki, it gets hung up on the resizefat step scrolling through a bunch of files it says exceed the limit and are being truncated, then stops. So I decided to try deleting the calendar. When I did, all of the events from the hotmail calendar are now associated with the default Palm account. How can I clear the calendar database and start over?
    PS. I setup the hotmail account on my Veer just so I can use it and found no corrupted events (every time I go to it tells me I'm not connected to the internet or it's busy :P ....). Clearly the issue is on the Pre3!
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    To delete many or all Calendar entries of one calendar in Impostah easiley check the right topic in my

    After that for that database AND disk full problem there are also links found there (Topic purge and /var ).

    Hope it helps without doctoring...
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