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    This is just idle musing. I was thinking of calling this thread, "webOS as desktop OS?"

    The original Open webOS was released on a standard (but latest!) Linux kernel. (Legacy webOS had a customised kernel).

    This meant that it worked out of the box on a PC. The work of the Port team has largely been around implementing open-source drivers for mobile hardware and implementing legacy services that were not included as they were based on proprietary software.

    Somewhere in these forums is a link to a website that is running webOS - presumably just the Enyo UI in your browser.

    So, I can have webOS on my PC, on the web & therefore, in the cloud.

    Some of us wonder how long HP will keep our Palm profiles running. Some would prefer to retain their data on their own servers rather than using third party offerings which track them to serve advertising.

    Garfonso has recently released new synergy connectors even as new Google accounts are failing to sync with the old and patched connectors (those may yet be fixable).

    I think the easiest thing for webOS to sync to would be another webOS device. Does anyone have any comment on these ideas?

    1. Run your own server or NAS with a webOS UI and sync your devices to it.
    2. Run webOS on a PC or tablet and simply sync all webOS devices directly with each other.
    3. Run webOS on a server and connect to it with a web browser. What I'm saying here is that with any device that has a decent browser and some power/memory, if you can run the browser full-screen, then in theory any device can be a webOS device - simply buy a fast device and run the web browser only.

    Obviously, latency will threaten the chances of a good experience on 3 and if you're surfing the web in webOS, then sending that view to a second browser? Hmmm... But! It may still be a useful way to access your stuff remotely and could offer an experience similar to the 'liveCD's that demo linux. Anyone could test drive webOS.

    *I realise that webOS is not meant to be a PC OS and might not work well even on a touch screen PC. Perhaps a hybrid of mobile and 'magic remote' webOS tv might bring something workable with a mouse and keyboard?
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    Well, I did come up with a concept that would help the use of Open webOS on a Computer/Desk
    HP Think Beyond event link
    If You Have A WindsorNot Hit Me Up
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    Well even with webOS running on desktop there is no real syncing solution now. Profiles mom only backup and so profiles now can not be in sync.
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    Syncing between devices would probably be possible... but too less time to work on it. :-/
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    Quote Originally Posted by Garfonso View Post
    Syncing between devices would probably be possible... but too less time to work on it. :-/
    Solution 1 then. ;-)
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    I'd go for 1., yes... not really sure where you want to go.. for a pure data sync & backup you don't really need the UI...

    My idea would be to get the db8 running on a server and have some authentication in place and then store contents from the device(s) on the server. With the rev-sets you can get changes back to the device(s) and so on... an even simpler possibility, but would also include files (like USB partition? images? other app storages than db8 like local storage & cookies?) would be to store data just on the filesystem and have a server to distribute that... webdav should be sufficient. db8 data could be stored as plain JSON files.

    The biggest issue with all of that is the local id to remote id mapping that would be necessary for the db8 stuff... also still the question for me is what to sync and what not... but maybe I'll try to tinker with the db some time and have a look if I can get all elements with _sync set to true. Hm.

    I guess somebody has to look into that, before the palm servers die away. :-/ Also we could use such a service for LuneOS ... maybe even migrate some data (like HP/Palm account data?) from legacy to LuneOS. And I would also implement a basic sync mechanism.
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