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    Was planning to discontinue my Internet provider some time in the future so I created a new email account now to make the change in my webos stuff to get that done. Wanted my webos stuff to use my new email. I easily change the email address in my profile on the website. Thought that would cascade down to my devices (Pre2 and Touchpad).

    I found out that it didn't when I tried to purchase apps from the catalog. I could not change my preferences to change my credit card info. I could download free apps, but could not purchase. on both devices the emaill address is still associated with my old email address.

    Went back into my profile and put my old email address back in, and the app catalog works fine. Added another credit card and purchased the app I wanted.

    Question is: this should be an easy process. How does one change the associated email address in the devices without wiping the devices and configuring from scratch?
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    I've never done what you are doing, so I'll qualify this with: I think this will do the job, if anything can. You can use Impostah to sign in with your new email address after updating your profile on the Palm website. Make sure you do not let it restart and erase your apps. Read about it here (if the domain registration issue is fixed):
    If not, it's discussed on here, search for 'stopdevicewipe'

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