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    Does anyone noticed that the Facebook calendar doesn't sync anymore?

    Usually when envied to an event and accepted the event appeared in the calendar on my Veer(s) and Touchpad, but since bout two months this seems te be broken on all my devices. Maybe the same https problem as with Gmail contacts? Anyone an idea for a patch or an other fix??

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    I did not really notice, because I do not use my FB calendar a lot lately, but could surely be the case...

    You can try to debug it. Try to follow the log with lumberjack (do a custom filter for "facebook" or something like that, maybe you'll need try around a bit) and then hit "sync now" in the calendar app. That should trigger a manual sync of all calendars, including the facebook one. You can then have a look if anything suspicious shows up in the logs (or just post them here, you can use lumberjack to email them to yourself).
    Maybe we can find something similar easy to patch... maybe facebook just did shutdown access for webOS, because they do not have an open API for their calendar, webOS is using some special access.. that's a bit nasty.

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