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    I've been having increasing issues with my Pre3 (peaking last week with poor signal everywhere), so I decided to activate my backup. Typical issues I have to deal with now, many apps I paid for are no longer in the catalog, but the largest problem is my calendar. I had been using Hotmail as I could have multiple calendars, using Synergy I could color each one different. Except most of my calendar didn't come up-missing lots of events. I went to and found it matches the recently activated Pre3, my stuff must not have been syncing. I still have the data intact on the original (stopdevicewipe), is it stored on the device somewhere I can extract it?
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    It is stored in the device database. You can fire up impostah, select "databases", then select "persisten" in the first drop down. In the second, you will have to look for something that contains "calendarevent" and I guess EAS, if that is what hotmail uses.

    There all events are stored in the json format. If you find out the kind, you can export all data with luna-send, like:
    luna-send -n 1 palm://com.palm.db/find '{"query":{"from":"calendarevent.eas:1"}}' > /media/internal/calendarevents.json

    You can probably use that on the target device to import events again. Issue is that you will have to adjust accountId and calendarId. Otherwise the events will show up as orphaned events. Also you'll end up with duplicates. Probably the best way would be to find a nice tool to watch the json data (Brackets is nice, also supports auto formating, i.e. "Beautify") and then browse them and add important stuff manually.

    Or do you have REALLY MANY events? (If so, you'll have to ask back anyway, because the above command will export at most 500 events)

    Hope that helps a bit.
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