I have already posted this in the Pre 3 forum but I thought I would post here as well because it happens on the Veer as well.

I have a Pre 3/Veer and a Touchpad. When I add and event to the calendar on the Pre 3/Veer, it doesn't sync with MS Exchange. But When I add on the Touchpad, it syncs. Also, if I delete/edit an event on the Pre 3/Veer, it syncs. It's just adding events to the Pre 3/Veer that doesn't sync.

Anyone else having this issue and any solution?

I'm running webOS 2.2.4 on the Pre 3, webOS 2.1.2 on the Veer and webOS 3.0.5 on the TP.

I am using Exchange Online (Live@edu).