I think I'm at an end with my Pre 2. This same thing happened on my Pre Plus but not as much. Since I got the Pre 2, I was satisfied with the speed, but every so often my Pre 2 just stops syncing with my work's exchange server. I even went so far as to call HP/Palm and they walked me through emptying my entire calendar and one-by-one adding items back in to see which item causes the problem. Unfortunately this didn't always work and sometimes it was different items that threw things out of whack.

I'm now at the point where I can't get it to sync with Exchange calendar *at all*, despite my attempts to empty my calendar folder and remove/add back in the exchange calendar.

I'm very exhausted with this phone. I'm through re-doctoring it every time this happens and I'm very tired of spending more time fixing it than using it.

If anyone knows of a quick fix for this phone to work with Exchange, please share it. Otherwise I'm sorry to say, but I have to go to the dark side. I need a phone that will keep my calendar in sync, otherwise what's the point?