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    Some people report problem with their Yahoo accounts (Error 1299, etc). The Touchpad is not affected by this problems. I tried to investigate this problem the last days, but on my devices I can't reproduce the errors.

    But I've probably find the problem: WebOS 2.x uses while WebOS 3.x uses (with different ports, too). The process which is in charge for the login is /usr/bin/yahoo-service. The next problem is, that yahoo-service is a native program, so we can't change anything here, until we get the source code. But we can try to solve this problem anyway:

    The yahoo-service is copyright protected so I can not post a patch or something else here. You must do it by yourself. Here are the steps that will help you:

    Attention: This will probably crash your phone. Only do this, if you know what you are doing! Because I can't reproduce the problems, someone should try this solution and report me. If you follow my instructions, you will be able to undo all of it!

    First Step:
    At first we get the yahoo-service binary from the Touchpad or from a Doctor:

    Get the binary from Touchpad:
    1. Connect your Touchpad to your computer via usb (don't answer the question or choose "just charging")
    2. Execute "novaterm" on your computer to get the command line on your Touchpad (your Touchpad need to be in developer mode and you must have novaterm installed!)
    3. Type the following command:
      cp /usr/bin/yahoo-service /media/internal/
    4. Now choose "USB mode" and mount the device. Copy the file yahoo-service to your computer.
    5. Disconnect your Touchpad.

    Get the binary from a WebOS Doctor
    1. Download a WebOS Doctor for the Touchpad (i.e. from WebOS Internals)
    2. Extract the .jar file to a folder.
    3. in the resource folder extract the webos.tar file to another folder
    4. in that folder extract the biggest .tar (it should be start with "nova-cust-image-...") file to a folder
    5. In the folder where you have extracted the nova-cust-... tar file goto the folder usr/bin/ and copy the yahoo-service to a place on your computer, which you remember.

    Second Step:
    Get this yahoo-service binary on your WebOS Phone:
    1. Connect your Phone to the Computer and choose "USB mode"
    2. Copy the yahoo-service file, which we extracted in the first step, to the USB partition of your Phone
    3. umount/eject the USB partition (But don't plug the USB wire out)
    4. Execute "novaterm" to get the command line of your phone
    5. mount your / partition with read/write access with the following command:
      mount -o remount,rw /
    6. Backup your current "yahoo-service":
      mv /usr/bin/yahoo-service /usr/bin/yahoo-service.bak
    7. Now Install the yahoo-service from the Touchpad:
      mv /media/internal/yahoo-service /usr/bin/
    8. mount your / partition read only:
      mount -o remount,ro /
    9. reboot your phone, type:

    Now you can create a Yahoo account in the Account app.
    Please tell me if this workaround fix your problem.

    If it doesn't work, you can reverse this, as follows
    1. Connect your phone via USB to your computer
    2. execute "novaterm"
    3. mount the / partition with read/write access:
      mount -o remount,rw /
    4. And type the following command to work with your backuped yahoo-service binary:
      mv /usr/bin/yahoo-service.bak /usr/bin/yahoo-service
    5. mount the / partition read only:
      mount -o remount,ro /
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    Tested on Veer.. seems it doesn't work. I got unknown error message.
    But now even I restored the backup yahoo-service file, I still got same unknown error message, not error 1299.

    On Pre 3 I can sync Yahoo mail, but still can't login Yahoo IM.

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