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    I've got my TouchPad connected to my Pre 3 and I can send and receive text messages. No issues so far.

    However, I have a lot of contacts (hundreds) and I would like to create groups of users on the TouchPad so I can text everyone in a group.

    is this possible? If so, how?


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    I know it works on a windows phone and it uses MMS to do it. I would love to have this on webOS.
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    check out this thread:

    looks like there are multiple apps that can do this.
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    GVoice can do it, but it's not well supported. It will take up to 10 comma seperated numbers. I hope to one day make a real interface to it.
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    I use and love TXT Group, would recommend it. Slight learning curve for how ticks and selected numbers work but really good.
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