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    I'm using Verizon Pre+, I currently pull e-mail from a POP account, Gmail, and an Exchange server. Calendar syncs only with the Exchange server.

    I've just started work with an additional organization where I'd like to sync to THEIR Exchange server in addition to my primary one. Can I just add it as another account, and thus get my Pre+ calendar to show things from both servers and my e-mail to receive from both servers? If I do, will the calendars on both servers end up duplicating/showing what I'm doing at the other organization (this probably won't be a problem, I just want to know in advance if that's what will happen).

    I'm reasonably comfortable tweaking settings, but before I try, am I at risk of horribly screwing up one of the accounts if I try to see what happens?


    Verizon Palm Pre+, Palm WebOS 1.4.5
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    Yes, works perfectly!

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