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    A friend of mine died in an accident this past year. Someone placed another mutual friend as a contact number under the now dead friend's facebook profile.

    Now whenever I get texts (or a call, but that hasn't happened yet) from the second friend my Pre 3 says it's from the dead one. If nothing else it's weird. I don't want to defriend the dead friend to get it to go away because I can't delete the facebook contact on the phone. Can I make the alive friend's number a primary of some sorts?

    I don't know who edited the profile and even if I did, it makes complete sense that they did it to keep people in contact with the second friend in regards to things about the dead friend.
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    Try linking the two contacts together and make the alive guy the primary account. That may work.
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    Ahh... that makes sense. I guess I'll have to delete the conversations to see it take effect as it's still showing up as the dead guy.
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    My condolences.

    I have a couple of people on an instant messenger that keep popping up, even though they died some time ago. Presumably their former computers are in use. It's a bit unnerving sometimes.
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    Thanks, all three of us were leadership in a college campus ministry. It has been almost a year. It was far more rough on others than me, as I've dealt with death before.

    It was quiet weird, but the problem was solved! Linking them and making the other the primary solved it. The old conversation is still under the dead guy but new texts are under the live guy.

    That would be something I'd love to see done if we had a little more manual control. Like if I had coworkers listing a single business number together on facebook that'd really play with the synergy!

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