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    For a variety of reasons, there are several email accounts that I don't want to automatically login with my password. When I try to delete the current password it doesn't seem to approve. This is both for a frankenpre2 and for a TP.

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    Maybe open 'Email'-->Preferences & Acounts-->Accounts-->Sync Criteria-->Get Mail-->Set to 'Manual'?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mutoidi View Post
    Maybe open 'Email'-->Preferences & Acounts-->Accounts-->Sync Criteria-->Get Mail-->Set to 'Manual'?

    Thanks for the help. Unfortunately, that only applies to the TP and not to the pre2 (as far as I can tell). But more importantly, it doesn't remove my password - it only means I have to hit the little 'sync' button at the bottom in order to get my mail. Which also means that other people could hit that little button and get my email without having to put in a password. What I want to do is remove the password and have it ask me for a password every time I open the program.
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    This has to be something obvious that I am just missing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by intron View Post
    This has to be something obvious that I am just missing.
    If you don't want the email to show on your device, deleting and adding the account would be an option.
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    I don't think that that is actually an option. I don't think I've ever seen an option for not storing passwords to email on any mobile devices..
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    If it is a web-based email.(hotmail, gmail, comcast, etc) you can go through the web browser rather than adding the account through the email function. Then log out when you are finished. You won't have the contacts/calendar sync for such accounts.

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