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    I see a few threads on this with resolution and think that I found the issue. It could be specific to me though, so I cannot say that this resolves for everyone.

    I have a palm pre 3 and I sync my outlook with google contacts. Then the pre3 would sync from google contacts. I found quite a number of contacts missing in pre3 even though I can find them in google contacts.

    What I found was that those missing contacts were in a category "Other Contacts". I selected them all in google contacts and added them to "My contacts", resync my pre3 and all my missing contacts reappear.

    Hopes this helps.
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    Thanks, I will test this when I get back to me desktop computer.

    Strange thing for me is that on my Touchpad all the contacts gets synced as they should, maybe the issue has been fixed in 3.x.x?

    I use Ogg Sync to sync contacts and Calendar between Outlook and Google.


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    NiceGuy, you saved my day. Couple of days ago I went and tried managing a team by assigning them to different categories in Google contacts and decided to remove them all from "My Contacts" since that would give me more space visually to fit other categories and be able to read them immediately. Then yesterday I started noticing on a couple of contacts (didn't notice that it happened only on these team members) dissapearing misteriously.

    Obviously, putting them all back to My Contacts solved the "issue".

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