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    Good to hear! We all know about bugs and problems – with webOS AND 3rd party software – but our beloved devices are still over the top

    Again: Let’s hope for the best …
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    Oh man it was so frustrating. Numbers I added to the address book wouldn't show up after a doctor. I'm so glad this works again. Another side effect before was that when creating or editing a contact I couldn't set what type of number (mobile, home etc). Now that's fixed too.

    Apparently when going back to edit a contact stored under the palm profile I cannot change the number type, but I can when creating a new contact.

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    I have now the same problem

    I can't choose the Default account and my HP account has a greyish screen and I can't change settings for this account.

    Als making a telphone call from the numberpad is not possible

    when I type an number in "just type" + enter it works
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