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    I've searched through the forums for this problem, but haven't found a solution. A handful of friends have informed me that any and all (hotmail) email sent to them from my Pre is going directly into their respective spam folders. Email sent to them from the webmail interface gets delivered normally.

    I created a "test" gmail account to see what was going on and the only difference I can see is how the "from" address shows up in Gmail depending upon the source (pre or webmail):

    webmail: First Name Last Name full email address to me
    Pre: First Name Last Name live via to me (the "live" is a hyperlink)

    I imagine Gmail, and many other free email services, are marking this as spam because there isn't an actual email address included in the sender field, just "live".

    I have both addresses setup through Exchange. Does anyone have any ideas about how to fix this? The Pre is kind of useless for email if this problem continues.
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    Try removing and readding the account. On webOS 2.x/3.x use the Accounts app. On webOS 1.x (Pre/Pixi) remove the account from email, contacts, calendar, tasks.

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