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    The person I was responding to was browsing web pages, most likely with the built-in Web app. So it's likely the HP rep was telling him the correct information.

    I'm not sure if 3rd party apps would have the same issue. Unwiredben said "system applications" which would seem to imply only built-in apps have the issue. However 3rd party apps can also create background services. The "start" routine allows 3rd party apps to specify whether a service should be forced to stay active in memory. So I'm guessing 3rd party apps running background services with the "force" flag on could have the same issue.

    EDIT: @unwiredben on Twitter just confirmed that it is just built-in apps. Some system apps partially reside in memory after being flicked (up).!/unwiredben/status/133175458698240002
    Even if a 3rd party app requests to stay running in the background, at most it is allowed the stay alive for I think 15 minutes, before the system automatically kills it. BTW, the link to the dev forums you posted was to a thread where unwiredben was answering my question :-)

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    Yeah somewhere or other I found the list while I was crawling thru the files in /etc. It's basically email, telephone, messaging, and music.

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