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    Hi -

    I've looked at other threads and am not seeing what I need.

    My primary calendar, contacts, and email is through Google at work. I also have some info that was pulled into the Pre+ Contacts from my old Palm and info entered directly into the Pre that is in Contacts and seems identified either with Palm or Synergy. (Sloppy on my part, but true.)

    This is great in Synergy BUT at some point my Pre+ will die and I need this info.

    I would like all of this info on my Google Contacts. I can't find a way to export all my contacts. If I could export, I can import.

    Any suggestions? Haven't tried looking at the raw file.
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    there is a patch in preware that will export your contacts to a csv and email them to you.
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    is it not the case that if you set your primary account for contacts to be google, then it will push all the information it knows about all contacts into your google account? i can't confirm this, but this is how i thought it worked. maybe it only does this for future contacts you create after changing this setting?
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    Nope. It's an on-device merging function with your other contacts, not a replication function. Sometimes that would be very handy though, sometimes not so much.

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